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Head of Marketing, Anideos

Give us a quick overview of Anideos. When and how did you begin this journey and what were your motives to be successful in app development?

Anideos is New York, based full-stack production house. Be it, motion graphics, 2D or 3D animations, or NFTs, the dedicated team has won the hearts of many clients by providing the desired results!

Since I have a vast experience in the advertising, animation studios, and app development industry, when I got an offer from this company, I thought this was my calling to spread what I have in my experience shell. So, I started my journey with Anideos in May 2021 and now I feel it is the best thing done!

I have been in the tech market for the past 7+ years now and when I was approached the motive of Anideos was to position it as the best app development company. Luckily, we have accomplished 30% of our goal within a year. And now it is becoming a prominent platform in the app development industry.

What is your role in the management and development of Anideos?

Talking about Anideos, initially, it had a weak brand positioning in the development sector. So, I used the over-years learned tactics and identified where we we are actually lacking and how it can be catered but it wasn’t enough! So I focused on learning about the pain points of the target audience, plus the touch points.

After analyzing the entire situation of Anideos as an application development service provider, I thought it is better to showcase the brand’s ability using case studies and portfolio. We as a team started public profiling for Anideos as an app development company to gain the trust of the potential audience. And it worked!

Further, we started fueling marketing efforts with the ever-changing digital trends – our company is heading towards new digital inventions and expanding its limits in NFTs, Decentraland, Sandbox, and more.

Tell us about your biggest achievement in the industry.

Thinking about my biggest achievements, I have helped two of my former companies grow exceptionally more than their forecasted numbers within a year. Well, the expected revenue growth was 50-100% in a year – but we achieved approximately 200% in 6 months. I felt a sense of accomplishment back then and still feel this is something notable I have done in my career.

How do you schedule the marketing phases of various projects creatively?

When it comes to meetings, I prefer to keep things straight forward. First, I allocate a dedicated team for each project. Then take daily standup's. We go for Bi-Monthly sprints after every 2 weeks. It keeps me and my team stay updated and helps in effective coordination.

How does Anideos help the clients in choosing the right yet profitable platform for app development?

We as a team at Anideos have always preferred understanding client requirements and identifying their problems first, that need to be solved. We always keep an eye on competitors.

Being a Marketing Head, I feel it is also important to understand what’s best for the client and know what exactly can be done in their budget – I believe in proposing a profitable plan and execution strategy within clients’ budgets.

Which would Anideos suggest for a successful and profitable business progression, Native or hybrid apps? What are the factors that Anideos considers to make this choice?

Hybrid it is. Why I feel Hybrid is better because it is cost-effective and time efficient which is beneficial for businesses. Furthermore, it has less-risks, and higher chance to boost ROI. Like, Hybrid can better reach the target audience plus can help in efficient app development.

How does Anideos scheme the pricing model and fix the budget for a project?

The pricing model primarily depends on different factors such as feature, Level of Effort (LOE), and requirements. Moreover, add-ons during the project are treated as Change Requests, so again the pricing is LOE-driven.

What according to you are the best practices to attain client satisfaction?

I believe clients and target audiences are the core of any business. So, to attain satisfaction we spend more time understanding their needs. It helps in having a clear vision of the project. After this,we proceed with the execution of the next milestone.
It is also important to keep your ears open the entire time because clients don’t always know what you know or may not be technical enough but they do have knowledge of what they want at every stage – so giving preference to their inputs and opinions is the key to become a successful marketer.

Another crucial thing is to not set wrong expectations at the stage of app development – be clear with your clients and document everything.

How do you update your marketing strategies to be in pace with the ever-innovating communication networks?

I think it is essential to keep all senses open to identify the changing trend in the market – so that we can adapt them quickly and figure out a way to leverage them.Being creative and proactive is vital. Like, instead of waiting for achievements or case studies of other brands, why not build your own?

So, I believe constantly evolving and pivoting strategies can help in reaching the desired goals efficiently.

What are your thoughts about AR, VR, and the Internet of Things (IoT)?

AR, VR, and IoT are constantly changing with new innovative trends. Due to these digital innovations, it has now become easier than ever to bring anything to life. They can be paired with the ever-changing trends as they are currently creating a huge impact in the world of the metaverse. This techstackis something that is expected to goon for years.

Your thoughts on the future of marketing in this continuously digitizing business world.

While the world is now heading toward digitalization with every passing day. So, if you don’t jump on the digital band wagon you will be left far off.  Now the B2C brands and even FMCGs are stepping on the new digital trends like marketing on Sandbox, Decentraland, NFTs, and more.

Being a successful marketer, I think it is crucial to keep ties strong with trending digital advancements in this age.

Your quick feedback on the services of has proven to be the most trusted platform and contributes majorly to lead generation or conversions. I would like to be a constant contributor to this platform and engage in exchanging fruitful benefits.

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