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Interview with Mohana Sundaram, CEO - WeAlwin Technologies

Mohana Sundaram Interview on TopDevelopers.co

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CEO, WeAlwin Technologies

Give us a quick overview on WeAlwin Technologies. When and how did you begin this journey and what were your motives to be successful in Blockchain development?

WeAlwin Technologies was first launched in May 2018. I started the blockchain development company with the motive of providing first-class blockchain-based product development services for global entrepreneurs. As per my vision, we successfully move forward with 200+ blockchain project completions achieving 100% satisfactory rates of clients around the world.

What is your role in development of WeAlwin Technologies?

I am the founder and CEO of WeAlwin Technologies. In my organization, we people are a family. We always recreate the organization chat to appreciate newbie’s by making their space to come up to a top position in the chat.

I always trust my friends and don't like to control or monitor their daily activities. Instead, I direct senior members to assist them as needed to improve the quality of their work. Because people in the WeAlwin Family must be "self policies" and make preferable decisions through culture.

Tell us about your biggest achievement in the industry.

WeAlwin has successfully met and engaged with a number of reputed clients around the world. But, as techies, we don’t think satisfied and are still in the building process. We are so clear on our vision and step forward to make several big impacts in the future. Above all, I would like to mention one thing here, “we have a unique identity as a blockchain developer” at present.

How do you schedule the development phases of the project to promise the timeline to your clients?

Our clients are the face value of all our products, all the time. So, we are so clear on how to support them by delivering products on time with no more compromise on quality. We always give an equal preference to both the time and the quality of our services, in accordance.

How do you help your clients in owning the best Blockchain solution for their lifetime to be successful in business?

Our clients are from different zones worldwide. So, they may have different experiences. For example, some are so clear with their own business models and ideas and some may not. So, at first, we understand the matrix to assist them with filling the technology gap between the business and the clients. We explain to them the products and try to reveal the scalable opportunities of the win-win architecture.

How do you scheme your pricing model? How do you fix your budget?

Our price of project development differs from various significant project planning-related factors. The project pricing will be fixed based on client requirements, specifications, and development duration. So, our budget fixing always depends on the type of proposal and agenda of individual projects and needs.

How helpful are the projects developed by your team, for enhancing your clients’ business?

We have two diverse blockchain product development options; Clone Scripts and Scratch. When it comes to the clone scripts, we have many different products and models with upgraded environments. Right from they all are fine replicas of popular blockchain goods, clients can easily choose their startup-oriented and initiate businesses powerfully in the blockchain world.

What according to you are the best practices to attain client satisfaction?

We understand our all clients' requirements first. Instead of focusing on anything, we focus on product quality. We give many useful suggestions for their business model. Because our reputable clients are from worldwide, we provide them with proper WSR (Weekly Status Report(s)) of their projects. They assist them a lot to get relevant details of the project development segment. Else, we provide 24/7 business team availability, and on-time delivery while working beyond the actual clients’ expectations for each project outlet. I consider these as the best practice ever to attain the clients’ satisfaction.

How do you update your business system to be in pace with the technological advancements?

Our team is always at the forefront of new technology. We currently have more than 60 domain experts. They are constantly honing their skills in order to remain at the top of their field. Our learning remain us a powerhouse in new technological advancements.

What are your thoughts on the use of Blockchain technologies in various industries?

The most valuable asset in the world today is not gold or money but data. I see the blockchain as an art of technology. It is robust security for that data. Its network eliminates middlemen. So, anything around the blockchain is highly secured forever.

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